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Lose Weight and Look Your Best Self with Garcinia Plus

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Losing weight can feel like a never ending battle. It’s a frustrating process as it’s not going to happen overnight and it can often be a struggle to shift those unwanted pounds. We feel that natural is best when it comes to products which will actually benefit your health, without the added chemicals. Garcinia Plus is one of these products which can help you to lose weight and feel good about yourself.

What is Garcinia Plus?

It’s a supplement known to aid weight loss, made from the primary ingredient Garcinia Cambogia. The benefits of this South Asian plant were discovered in the 1960s, coming from the rind of the fruit in a similar manner to citrus fruit extracts. This supplement is based around the one ingredient so it’s all natural.

How does it work?


  • The Garcinia Cambogia extract can work in several ways. For example,
  • Its main function is to inhibit the enzyme which converts the calories from carbohydrates into fat stores, as excess energy that is consumed in carbohydrate intake is stored as glycogen in the body. This supplement can work to reduce this so that your body is burning the calories rather than storing them.
  • It can also act by can reducing your appetite, so then the decreased food intake is what will cause the weight loss.
  • It Burns Tummy Fats as well Arms Fats

Our Recommendation

Order your supply of Garcinia Plus directly from us to kick-start your journey into weight loss today. While this product has been known to work very well for some people, the results can vary from person to person. Everyone’s bodies are different and taking a weight loss supplement alone won’t be enough to see real results. Combine Garcinia Plus with a healthy diet and regular exercise for the best chance of losing weight and feeling great.

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How to lose weight

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 F.I.T. Programme for a Fitter, Healthier and Slimmer You

How To lose weight
How to lose weight with C9

We all want to be fitter; healthier; slimmer….the list goes on. But there’s so much to think about isn’t there? And a tonne of different products are  available on the market which can be overwhelming to navigate. Luckily, there’s one all-inclusive package that targets three key areas: detoxing, weight management and nutrition. This magical solution is the F.I.T programme (which stands for Foundation, Inspiration, Transformation).

What is it?

The F.I.T programme provides you with three different packs, each one with everything you need to target the three key areas to achieving good health and fitness. They’re packed with information, guidance and work out plans alongside the necessary supplements and nutritional additions to your daily routine. Clean 9 is geared towards detoxing the body, Burning Fats at the Tummy, arms, F15 provides work out plans for either beginner, intermediate or advanced levels baisically helping you to develop a more slimmer you and with the Vital 5 pack you’ll get advice on nutrition and creating balanced meal plans. The programme is designed to last for 69 days to kick-start your transformation into both looking and feeling good.

What’s Included?

Clean 9

This pack is all about cleansing and flushing out toxins from the body. You should start to see a difference in your overall energy levels after nine days of following the Clean 9 plan, leaving you feeling lighter and on the road to a slimmer figure. There are all sorts of health supplements included, like Aloe Vera Gel and shake sachets, alongside fibre, Garnica Plus and Therm capsules. As with all of these packs, Clean 9 offers plenty of guidance on how to take these supplements and recipes for shakes and healthy meals too.

       How it Works

C9 weight loss

1. Cleanses your system As a Natural Detoxifier to get rid of Bad Fats and Toxins in your Body
2. It’s a Natural appetite suppressant that makes you have that feeling of satiety(satisfied)
3. Blocks Carbohydrates and Fat Absorptions
4. Help you Burn Fats at the tummy, Thighs and Arms
5. Reduces the conversion of Carbohydrates into Fats without any side effects!!
6. Lose between 2-9kg in 9days


With F15 you choose your level depending on what your current fitness level is like. If this all new to you and you’re unsure where to start then the beginner programme will help to guide you through the world of exercise and how to work out with both cardio and weight based routines. There are intermediate and advanced plans too, all of which are tailored to suit these different levels. It comes with plenty of guidance to help you learn about fitness and really make a difference in your exercise routine.

How F15 works

  • Helps Tone your Body
  • Burn tummy fats
  • Suppresses your appetite
  • Extremely anti Ageing
  • Get slimmer arms and reveals your real shape(coca cola shape)
  • Lose more weight with F15
  • Changes the way you think about exercising
  • Highly recommended if you wanna lose a great deal of weight and keep it off for life

Vital 5

Vital 5 is your crash course on nutrition. You’ll learn which foods give you the basic nutrients your body needs and how to create healthy meals that will not only help you to lose weight, but that nourish the body. Knowing how to get the essential vitamins and minerals is key to achieving good health and just feeling better overall.

     How Vital5 Works

  • Boosts energy levels
  • Sustains your weight loss
  • promotes Joint health
  • Promotes Overall Cardiovascular health
  • Advance weight loss and Nutrition for your body
  • Boosts male sexual function
  • Promotes Healthy blood Flow

You can order the complete programme directly from us to start seeing a difference right away. What are you waiting for? Get yours today by call the office on 0303934037 or  send us a text on whatsapp number +233241971890 Now


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